News & Testimonials


  • Veterans’ Day Celebration – A Beautiful Tribute: Enjoy the article by the Norwich Bulletin chronicling the fitting tribute for our facility’s veterans that took place at Matulaitis Nov. 12, 2017. Thank you so much to all who helped organize this moving event.
  • 3 Years Reigning Champion! Matulaitis has once again (2017 Halloween) won the Putnam Business Association Scarecrow Contest with Skylar, Queen of the Night, perched on the moon (see picture to the right). Congratulations to all who worked on this playful artistic endeavor!
  • 99 Years of the Sisters: On Oct. 17, 2017, staff members participated in a tour of the Immaculate Conception Convent and learned about their history to mark the anniversary of the founding of the congregation by Blessed George Matulaitis on October 15, 1918. Many were impressed by this beautiful local treasure.
  • Family Council Fall Picnic: Over 100 people participated in the delicious Family Council Picnic on September 16, 2017. Thanks to our families and staff members for their unceasing efforts.
  • Blood Drive: November 28, 2017 marked the sixth American Red Cross blood drive in our facility. We were pleased to welcome many community members to our facility.
  • Lifeline Health Screening: August 19, 2017 the community at large came for this informative health assessment service.
  • Opening Day Picnic: Matulaitis Nursing Home opened its doors on June 14, 1968. In honor of this, a new statue was unveiled in the lobby and a joyful picnic was shared by residents, families, and staff members on June 14, 2017.
  • Family Council Activities: Family Council greeted all mothers on Mother’s Day with flowers. A delightful afternoon tea for family members and residents was hosted by the Family Council on Sunday, April 30. Music, refreshments, and friendship abounded.
  • Senior Prom Success!  On April 20, 2017 our residents, family members, seniors from the community, and staff members boogied “under the sea” at a packed spring dance at Matulaitis Home.  Excitement, merriment, and springtime joy was shared.
  • Blessed George Matulaitis Day, Friday, Jan. 27, 2017: In honor of our sponsoring order’s founder, Blessed George Matulaitis, Father Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC (a Marian from Stockbridge, MA) spoke to assembled staff members on the work and spirituality of Blessed George and the application of this to our daily lives.  You can view the talk in its entirety by clicking on Fr. Thad’s picture here:

    The winner of the staff essay contest was also announced.  Abena Edusei’s essay on “Overcoming Evil With Good” (Blessed George Matulaitis’ motto given as a prompt for the essay) won first place, though the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in Lithuania declined ranking the essays and congratulated all participants with a letter that can be read here.

    Staff members wore their “Good Conquers” shirts in honor of Blessed George and posed for the picture posted on this page.

  • CMS Five-Star Rating:  Once again, Matulaitis has received the highest, five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.  Congratulations to all of our staff members for their dedication and hard work!  See Nursing Home Compare for more information.

What Others are Saying About Matulaitis…

“Everyone working there helped me to start a positive road to recovery. The work you all do is a wonderful blessing to each and every patient/resident you have in your care.”

-Norma DiUlio

“This facility has the most caring and compassionate people towards an individual—not only to myself, but to others on the floor. They are there for you to get better. I would not have gotten home as fast as I did if it were not for ‘everyone’ – they all deserve a ‘giant A-1’ in everything. Highly recommended.”

-Helen Miner

“This facility was beyond wonderful. We would put mom in no other nursing home but Matulaitis. Everyone from aides to nurses, therapists, social services, etc. are great people and always helpful and smiling.”

-Mark and Karen Kaylor

“Our family would like to thank you all for your outstanding care for our mother during the last days of her life! Each and every one of you played a role in helping to care for and get through such a difficult time. Mom said it was like ‘heaven.’ We are blessed to have such caring people in our community.”

-The Swenson Family