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Having a relative or loved one placed for long term care can be an emotional challenge.  This change is often the result of significant care needs, and placement can alleviate the stress in meeting these needs.  However, accompanying someone during the transition to institutional living is a recognized stress.  Below you will find links to helpful information on coping with long term care placement for a family member or loved one.

You may consider joining the Caregiver Support Groupwhich meets monthly at Matulaitis.  This group is open both to family members of nursing home residents as well as those in our community providing care to loved ones at home.

Matulaitis has an active Family Council.  The purpose of this group is to provide support to family members as they experience the difficult transition of having a loved one move into a nursing facility.  “We too know the multitude of mixed emotions and loss that accompany this move.”

In addition, the Family Council is a forum for identifying systemic areas to improve the care and well-being of residents.  Identified areas are communicated to a staff member liaison who works with the facility to provide a multifaceted approach to improve quality of care.  Meetings are attended by family members, guest speakers, and invited staff members.

Follow signs in the lobby for details on meeting dates and times, which are generally once a month on the second Wednesday.  Please consider joining this group for ongoing family support.

The Family Council maintains a bulletin board on the elevator landing on the residents’ floor as well. The Family Council oversees an initiative to help visitors and providers have a glimpse of residents as unique individuals. Long term residents/families are invited to participate in this endeavor by completing the Individualized Information Sharing form found with the links below.

In addition, there is a Family Newsletter which contains helpful information for family members.  See the link below for the latest issue.

Family members are a strong component of the multidisciplinary team supporting a long term care resident, and we invite their active participation.

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