Does your loved one require hospice care? In essence, you should contact a hospice facility if your loved one goes to the emergency room or is admitted to the hospital on a frequent basis. If your loved one suffers from a significant decline in their ability to perform daily tasks, such as eating, getting dressed, using the bathroom, and or walking, it’s probably time for hospice care. In addition, if your loved one has a significant increase in the number of times that they fall, suffers from changes in their mental abilities, and or losses a lot of weight, you should consider hospice care.

Last, but certainly not least, if your loved one suffers from skin tears, infections and other signs of deteriorating health, it’s probably time for hospice care. If you’re seeing the signs as listed above, it’s time to take action instead of wondering if you should contact a hospice care facility. You should know that in order for your loved one to gain access to a hospice care facility, they need to be diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than six months to live as long as the illness follows its typical path.

The diagnosis must come from a physician. However, if your loved one remains alive past the six-month period, they are allowed to continue hospice care as long as their eligibility is certified by a physician. Your loved one can discontinue hospice care at any time if their condition improves, or they decide to receive curative treatments instead of comfort related care. That being stated, your loved one is allowed to resume hospice care at any time in the future if their condition declines.

When your loved one enters into our hospice care facility, he or she will have a team that will help support both their emotional and physical needs. In addition, all medical equipment, medical supplies, and medication that are directly related to the patient’s terminal illness are provided by the facility at no cost to you, the patient, and the patient’s family. Hospice care is covered 100% by Medicaid, Medicare and the vast majority of private insurance organizations. In essence, the care and support of your loved one is provided to them at zero cost to the family or patient.

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