Did you know that a nursing home provides the highest level of care for elderly adults with the exception of a hospital? In essence, nursing homes provide a service that is referred to as custodial care. So, what does custodial care actually mean? The bottom line is that the service not only houses patients, it also helps them with basic functions such as getting in and out of bed. Custodial care also helps elderly patients bath and dress, and even provides assistance with eating meals. Yet, nursing homes are different from senior housing facilities because they also provide intensive medical care services.

That means the care of each and every patient in the facility is supervised by a doctor. In addition, a nurse and other medical professionals are at the facility at all times. Skilled nursing is not only on site, but typically available on a 24 hour per day basis. Occupational and physical therapists are also available for the patients. That way, both therapies and medical procedures can be done on site without having to transport the patients. These types of services are simply not available in other types of elderly housing living arrangements.

Thanks to the baby boomers, the population is aging at a rapid pace. That means families must deal with the fact that their elderly loved ones may need to move into a nursing home sooner rather than later. In addition, that decision may arrive at your doorsteps on a sudden basis. For example, your loved one may need to move into a nursing home after being hospitalized. The decision to move an elderly loved one into a nursing home could also come gradually as it becomes more and more difficult for them to take care of themselves, or for you to take care of them.

Either way, the decision can be incredibly stressful unless you have the proper knowledge. That means you should gather information on nursing homes in and around your area if you have an elderly loved one, even if they are fully functional at the present time. It’s incredibly important to make the best overall decision for both your family member and you. We highly suggest that you set up a time to visit us in person. That way you can take a tour of the facility. You should also sit down with us so that we can answer each and every one of your questions.

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Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care is the leading non-profit skilled nursing facility in Northeast Connecticut. We are proud to receive top national rankings and the highest five-star rating from Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare. Our dedicated staff combines renowned care and exceptional nursing skills with a holistic approach. We fully realize that the restoration of your health and well-being after an illness, operation, or injury can be incredibly difficult.

Our long term care features attention to the whole person, assuring individualized care for fullness of living, spiritual welfare, and providing a sense of community with enriching programming. We invite you to learn more about our special smoke-free facility as you consider your own or a loved one’s needs.