Are you looking for long term skilled care for yourself or a loved one? Do you know what long term skilled care is and what it involves? In essence, long term skilled care incorporates a host of different services that are used to help a patient with his or her personal care needs and or health needs for either a long or short period of time. The bottom line is that these types of services provide help for patients to live as safe and independently as possible once they return home from their stay at a long term skilled care facility.

Basically speaking, long term skilled care helps patients who no longer have the ability or dexterity to take care of daily tasks by themselves at the current time. Patients in this situation typically need assistance with bathing, getting dressed and grooming themselves. It’s also suggested for patients who have trouble eating on their own, using the toilet on their own, and or moving around in general. For example, if a patient has trouble getting into and out of a chair by themselves, they need long term skilled care.

The same holds true for patients who cannot get in and out of bed on their own. Patients should take part in long term skilled care if they simply cannot take care of themselves due to a disability or health condition. In addition, if the patient has recently undergone a surgery that prevents them from taking care of themselves then long term skilled care is a smart idea until they fully recover. Patients of any age who cannot take care of themselves are candidates for long term skilled care. However, when most people think of long term skilled care they picture elderly patients who are too sick, disabled and or frail to take care of themselves.

It’s always a good idea to plan for long term skilled care for yourself and or your loved ones well in advance of actually requiring it. You and or your loved ones may never need long term skilled care, but planning for it ahead of time will provide you with peace of mind. For example, you just never know when your needs or the needs of a loved one will change. This holds especially true as people get older. Older patients are more susceptible to accidents in the home, like tripping or falling.

If that happens, it becomes easy to break a bone, or sustain other serious injuries that prevent the patient from taking care of himself or herself. If you or a loved one is cognitively impaired, or has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to plan for long term skilled care sooner rather than later.

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Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care is the leading non-profit skilled nursing facility in Northeast Connecticut. We are proud to receive top national rankings and the highest five-star rating from Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare. Our dedicated staff combines renowned care and exceptional nursing skills with a holistic approach. We fully realize that the restoration of your health and well-being after an illness, operation, or injury can be incredibly difficult.

Our long term care features attention to the whole person, assuring individualized care for fullness of living, spiritual welfare, and providing a sense of community with enriching programming. We invite you to learn more about our special smoke-free facility as you consider your own or a loved one’s needs.