When it comes to rehabilitation and post-acute care, Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care stands out as a leader in Northeast Connecticut. With a top national ranking and a five-star rating from Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare, Matulaitis is known for its exceptional quality of care and commitment to helping patients on their road to recovery.

An Overview of Matulaitis Rehabilitation & Skilled Care

Nestled in the heart of Northeast Connecticut, Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care occupies 10 Thurber Road in Putnam. This non-profit entity provides an essential continuum of care for those embarking on the path to recovery. Unlike traditional nursing homes, Matulaitis blends a homelike atmosphere with a robust array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its patients.

With a commitment to excellence, the facility focuses on advanced therapy methods and compassionate, patient-centered care. Here, individuals receive not just medical attention but an experience that fosters physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Each patient’s meticulously crafted care plan is designed to optimize and enhance their quality of life.

The dedicated team at Matulaitis, comprising seasoned professionals across various disciplines, collaborates closely to deliver specialized care that spans the spectrum from physical rehabilitation to complex medical management. Their expertise is complemented by the use of innovative technologies in therapeutic care.

Beyond the walls of its facility, Matulaitis extends its impact through partnerships with local healthcare providers, aligning resources and expertise to support a seamless continuum of care. This collaborative approach not only elevates the standard of rehabilitation and post-acute care but also reinforces the facility’s role as a cornerstone of the community it serves.

At Matulaitis, the combination of state-of-the-art care, a nurturing environment, and compassion creates a unique setting where recovery thrives.

The Spectrum of Rehabilitation & Post-Acute Services Offered

Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care stands at the forefront of delivering a diverse array of services that cater to the unique needs of each patient. Within its welcoming walls, individuals recovering from a range of conditions, including strokes, orthopedic injuries, and cardiac issues, find tailored rehab programs. The facility is outfitted with the latest in rehabilitation technology, ensuring that patients have access to the best tools for their recovery. A dedicated team of healthcare professionals, specializing in various disciplines, is committed to guiding patients through their rehabilitation goals, offering personalized care that considers both physical and emotional healing.

Specialized programs at Matulaitis focus on not only the immediate recovery but also on equipping patients with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful return to everyday life. This holistic approach extends beyond physical therapy to include occupational and speech therapies, all integral to a comprehensive recovery plan. Patients benefit from a collaborative treatment environment where their progress is closely monitored, and care plans are adapted to meet evolving needs.

In addition to these focused rehabilitation services, Matulaitis also addresses more complex medical needs, offering post-acute care that supports a smooth transition from hospital to home. This comprehensive service spectrum underscores the facility’s dedication to fostering resilience, independence, and improved quality of life for all its patients, solidifying Matulaitis’s reputation as a beacon of hope and healing in Northeast Connecticut.

How Matulaitis Prepares Patients for Post-Rehabilitation Life

Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care goes beyond conventional rehabilitation by ensuring its patients are fully prepared for the next steps after their stay. Recognizing the importance of a smooth transition back into the community and daily life, the facility offers a suite of services aimed at empowering patients. Key to this preparation are the educational programs provided, designed to equip both patients and their families with the knowledge necessary to manage care outside the clinical setting. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from medication management to the nuances of adapting living spaces for safety and accessibility.

In addition to education, Matulaitis fosters a supportive environment through the availability of support groups. These groups serve as a vital resource, offering a platform for sharing experiences, challenges, and strategies among patients and families, thereby building a community of support that extends beyond the facility’s walls. Counseling services are also integral to the post-rehabilitation preparation, offering psychological support and guidance to help patients and their families navigate the emotional complexities of returning home after an extended medical stay.

By prioritizing these comprehensive preparatory services, Matulaitis ensures that each patient not only recovers physically but is also mentally and emotionally fortified for the challenges and triumphs of post-rehabilitation life. This holistic approach underscores the facility’s commitment to the complete well-being of its patients, setting the stage for their long-term success and independence.

Joining the Matulaitis Family: How to Get Started

Embarking on your journey with Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care is streamlined for ease and convenience. The initial step involves reaching out directly to the facility to gain insight into the unique offerings and programs available. By dialing 860-928-7976, prospective patients or their family members can initiate the process. During this initial contact, the staff at Matulaitis will provide detailed information about the rehabilitation and post-acute care services, tailored to meet individual needs and goals. Furthermore, arranging a visit to the facility is highly encouraged. This visit allows for a firsthand experience of the nurturing environment and an opportunity to meet the compassionate professionals dedicated to patient recovery and well-being. Throughout this process, the team at Matulaitis is committed to answering any questions and addressing concerns, ensuring that families feel fully informed and comfortable with the decision to choose Matulaitis for their care needs. This personalized approach to welcoming new members into the Matulaitis family underscores the facility’s dedication to creating a seamless transition into their care, fostering confidence and trust from the very start. Contact us today to learn more.