Did you know that rehabilitation and post-acute care greatly benefits elderly patients? You’re probably aware of the fact that elderly patients often experience functional decline following acute medical care. In essence, this functional decline can easily lead to a permanent disability that greatly increases the burden on the families of elderly patients. It also greatly increases the burden on society as a whole, including both medical and long-term care programs. The good news is that rehabilitation and post-acute care goes a long way in advancing the functional recovery of elderly patients.

It also helps to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions. The bottom line is that rehabilitation and post-acute care programs have been proven through the years to be incredibly effective at helping elderly patients live better lives. The rehabilitation and post-acute care programs not only significantly lower overall medical costs for elderly patients, they also greatly improve their health after hospitalization. Rehabilitation and post-acute care is a necessary plan that helps elderly patients maintain their health, which makes it an important factor in the overall healthcare system.

For example, elderly patients are far more likely to have a variety of disabilities and comorbidities when compared to younger patients who are receiving acute care in the hospital. These disabilities and comorbidities tend to cause elderly patients longer to recover from acute illnesses. Oftentimes, elderly patients are discharged from the hospital before they are actually well enough and ready to go home. This is due to the fact that insurance driven cost considerations limit the number of days that elderly patients can spend in the hospital.

That means many elderly patients are not regaining their health while hospitalized for an illness. That is exactly where rehabilitation and post-acute care programs come into play. In essence, it means that elderly patients are able to receive the hands-on care that they need to recover outside of the hospital. Rehabilitation and post-acute care provides elderly patients with the option to receive the appropriate level of care once they have completed their initial treatment for an acute illness. It also goes a long way in helping elderly patients gain back the health that they enjoyed prior to being treated for an acute illness at the hospital.

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